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7 Reasons Your Company Needs Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery services help companies retrieve critical data, applications, and hardware to ensure business continuity when a sudden IT incident occurs. As IT disasters can cause revenue and productivity loss, businesses must invest in high-quality disaster recovery. 

However, some business owners consider creating a disaster recovery plan time-consuming and labor-intensive, making companies compromise cost and performance when selecting the correct disaster recovery method.

This article will briefly discuss disaster recovery as a service and seven reasons your company can benefit from this service.

What Is Disaster Recovery as a Service

Third-party managed providers offer Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) to help businesses back up their data and securely store it in a remote data center. 

Thanks to DRaaS, a cloud provider will replicate virtual servers to a remote site while possibly deploying subsequently if an IT disaster strikes, keeping an up-to-date copy of each protected server in the cloud. It will also launch the documents in a few minutes and continue to work if the customer’s infrastructure doesn’t function.

7 Main Benefits of Disaster Recovery as a Service

DRaaS leverages cloud-based resources, resulting in high flexibility and scalability and facilitated backup and disaster recovery. The ‘as a service’ approach means the DRaaS provider is responsible for the backup and recovery. 

This section will enumerate the seven main benefits of disaster recovery as a service. 

1. Easy to Use 

Most companies know that building and maintaining your disaster recovery site can be complex and expensive; the same goes for configuration, testing backup, and recovery processes. 

You can ditch high administrative and maintenance requirements by eliminating all the infrastructure on your side and accessing a dashboard, automating several functions and tools included in the DRaaS solution.

2. Cost Effective

Investing in DRaaS removes the stress from the IT department from administrating the remote site. 

It can also help businesses reduce monthly maintenance costs, purchasing or leasing hardware, rental of premises for an auxiliary data center, and employee salaries and travel expenses for servicing the data center. 

3. Easy Access to Your Business’s System

Thanks to DRaaS’ cloud-based solutions, you can easily access your system from any location with an internet connection, especially if your physical office is unavailable. 

However, just because DRaaS has remote servers doesn’t mean you lose control of your IT department. Your IT team can still manage applications and data storage, run and analyze reports, run backups, and retrieve lost data. 

4. Ensure Safe and Secure Data 

Thanks to DRaaS, it will securely back up your data and store it in a remote data center, protecting it from unexpected loss and unauthorized access.

Modern cloud-based service providers integrate reliable security protocols, private clouds, and multi-factor authentication to ensure maximum data security. 

5. Frequent Backup and Quick Retrieval

DRaaS automatically backs up your data to the cloud frequently and recovers the backup data in an emergency. 

RPO and RTO values will determine your system’s backup frequency and recovery speed; lower values mean higher IT resilience for your company. However, RTO and RPO close to zero imply high costs, and you must find optimal values by identifying the potential monetary loss. 

6. Platform Agnosticism 

DRaaS solutions collaborate with several systems so you can run virtual servers with other hypervisors and replicate data between various storage systems and clouds, making DRaaS hypervisor hardware and application agnostic. 

7. Gain External IT Expertise

Lastly, investing in DRaaS gives you access to resources from field experts who are proficient in data safety, cloud backup, and disaster recovery. 

DRaaS professionals can also help you easily overcome an IT disaster. Your in-house specialists don’t necessarily need to master data recovery since your service provider will handle the hardware-related data protection measures.

Securing a Safer and More Efficient System

More businesses continue to invest in disaster recovery services because of the widespread IT disasters and intolerance from users towards service outages. DRaaS helps companies reduce costs and run a safer and more efficient system.

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